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    I video taped my rafting trip and I want to send DVDs to the participants of our fun vacation. I have about 3 hours of tape, but the final project is around 2 hours.

    My question is:

    What bitrate should I use to get the best video but not make a file that is too large for one DVD?

    Also, how many reference frames do I specify? I am not very sure at all what the reference frames accomplish.

    Do I use the de-blocking filter?

    Also, when I start rendering the counter goes up so far that it seems like it is going to take days to render my project. I'll set the computer to render overnight, but I'd like to get some advice before I waste days trying to complete this project.
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    Pick the dvd ntsc settings in the us or the dvd pal settings if in the uk, Mpeg-2. Bitreate for 2 hr's should be VBR-Max 8,000,000 Ave.- 4,800,000 min.- 2,000,000, go to the audio tab and uncheck render audio, leave the other setting alone unless you need to change the field order. Render the audio to ac3-default. Make sure you audio and video files have the same name (diffrent ext.)

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    Make it sure it's variable bit rate then it's ok, render it to mpg2 it's make the fille smaller and it's the best for dvd quailty. have fun

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