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Thread: add date and time to an AVI/VOB file

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    Default add date and time to an AVI/VOB file

    this is driving me nuts! I'm trying to use avisynth to solve this problem......

    I've captured a video file from an old VHS camcorder and converted it to AVI. there is no time or date.

    I can capture a file with black background and the time and date present, from the old camera and turn it into AVI. Could I overlay this onto my video using avisynth? I can't work out how to make black transparent and craete the effect?

    Any suggestions on a script that will allow me to overlay the two files to superimpose the date/time?


    There's no stream for date/time so DVinfo won't work

    Any suggestions for a script that will create a date and time stamp from the system clock, or let me specify the start/end times? SMTP won't show the date I think.


    ps very, very novice at the whole script thing!
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