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    hey everyone!

    I know someone already posted about this, but I have another question about it.

    Im using Windows Media Encoder 9. I want my friends back in England to be able to watch some clips that i have put together (along with some home movies.)

    When I "Pull from the Encoder.." everything works flawlessly.. but only on my home network. Computers outside of the network dont recieve anything whatsoever (signal, etc..).

    So I decded to try "Push to a Windows Media Server..." and boy do I have no idea what information to put in...!

    This is the informaton I am asked for:
    Server Name:
    Publishing Point:
    Copy settings from:

    Hopefully somebody has a vaigue idea about what I am talking about! :
    Somebody please help me with this! I have people in the UK awaiting a broadcast feed from my computer

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    Don't worry about either of those options. Untick both and select save to file. Upload this to the server and provide the link to your friends. You can stream the video in windows media player.

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    There isn't an option saying 'save to file' on "Broadcast Live Event," nor on any of the other broadcast options.

    I'm going to go look at my firewall settings. Maybe that would help with live streaming.

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    Why are you trying to broadcast a live event? Is it actually a live event, or are you just encoding?

    Click cancel on the wizard at start up. Go to properties, in the souce, select file and browse to your video. Click Output and select encode to file.

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    If u wanna do a live broadcast ur gonna have to change settings in ur router...Either forward the wmp port to ur local machine or use DMZ options to set everything to ur local ip
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    sorry.. Im new to alot of this stuff. Could you tell me what you mean?

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    Can you confirm that you AREN'T attempting to broadcast a live event (i.e you have a video file on your PC that you want to other people to see). If this is a case, just encode the video to a file and send it to your friends via email or over messenger!

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