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Thread: Audio Sync (for beginner)

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    Default Audio Sync (for beginner)

    Am not totally new to editing etc (can use premiere pro fine) but I am new to capturing, encoding etc.

    Couple of questions

    1.Best formats and apps

    Whats apps and formats would you suggest for the following

    Embedded video (website)
    DVD (as high quality as possible on standard dvd, including menus)
    General (as in a divx/avi/wmv video i might put on a cd, email ppl etc)

    I currently have premiere pro, after effects (learing atm), dvdit pro, mydvd, divx convertor, winavi (any apps that are far better than these or that i simply should have?)



    I Gather the best way to capture at maximum quality is firewire, correct ?

    Best app for capturing video (from what I can tell the app dosnt really matter, just the port ie firewiree or usb)

    I'm using a sony handycam DCR-HC19E btw


    3. Audio Sync

    I have googled this alot but cant find a soluion i cna get my head around

    I captured from my handycam into wmv using windows movie maker. The wmv plays in sync, however if i convert it to a smaller wmv or an avi etc, or play it on premier pro or export it with premiere pro the audio gets gradually more and more out of sync. Is there a surefire way to fix this, either with an app, a specific way of capturing etc ?

    I would be greatful for any answers to any of these questions to get me started on the right track

    Always find the hardest part of getting to grips with an genre of creativity envolving pcs is getting the right programs, plugins, routens etc setup in the first place


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    I use WMV fro web stuff, though , Flash and Quick time is also an option

    Firewire is best and no compression to the file as it comes of the tape straight to the HDD as an AVI, the program for capture is fairly irrelevant but some are better then others. I use

    In Sony vegas you can squeeze/stretch the audio to resync, what you could do is find where the audio is going out of Sync, then split the audio (not video) there and re-sync the next bit and just carry on if it happens again further along repeat.
    Best to capture in AVI.

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