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    I bought Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate. It's great. I can do all kinds of things with it but one... I can't get decent quality! All my videos are blurry. I've tried all the formats -- AVI, MPG1-4, WMV, and all that are possible. I can't get quality product with this thing! Everything is blurred. Not one codec can produce a sharp image!

    What am I to buy?

    I have a good computer too! I have 2 GB of ram. My graphics card is a Geforce 7600 GT with 256 GB of ram. I've got an AMD 64 bit processor. And I have videos made elsewhere that are sharp and clean. And I run Photoshop frequently, and get stunning results with it. I capture video with Fraps, and get 512x384 AVIs that are sharp as a tack! But I cannot achieve any sharpness at all with Pinnacle Studio 11.

    So, what video editor can produce quality results? Pinnacle Studio 11 can't!

    Oh! And.... I have an mpg that is supplied with Pinnacle for playing around with. It's called BackyardCircus.mpg, or something like that. Is clear as a bell! But I can't load it, and save it and get the same quality for the life of me! I can't even save it in the same aspect ratio as the original (16x9).

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    What make of camcorder are you using? I presume you are connecting a camcorder to the computer to do your capturing with and how are you connecting it to the computer? USB or Firewire? I wouldn't use FRAPS (it sounds like the letters a surgeon would have after their name). It isn't giving full screen resolution at only 512x384, you need 720 x 576 pixels in the UK for PAL tv or 720 x 480 pixels in America for NTSC tv and above that for HD video.

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    I'm not sure of any another program besides fraps to record video games, I'm sure there is but I don't know of any. What version of fraps are you using?

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    I have Fraps 2.9.2. I bought it less than a month ago, so I'm sure that this is the latest and greatest.

    I contacted Pinnacle support today and they told me to upgrade my video drivers. I have no clue what video drivers have to do with rendering a video and think that 'drivers' is the blanket excuse. It seems to me that the codec is what's important, not the video driver for my graphics card.

    I still can't get decent quality out of this thing. Like I said, they supply a nice mpg file that's clean and sharp, but I can't re-render that without changes and get the same results. I'm pretty sure that it has to do with the rendering codecs, but heck, I'm new at this. I don't know much at all. Still, I have lots of experience with audio, and I know that the codec for audio is all important. I figure that the same holds true for video rendering. So, which of these editors has the best codecs?

    I don't know the difference between file formats either. What's the difference between mpeg 1 and mpeg 4? When should I use WMV or AVI or whatever? What's used for quality videos? I see great quality on iTunes and Google videos. Most of YouTube videos blow. I don't know what the best file format is to use, and when to use it.

    I'll say this: Pinnacle Studio is a great editor. You can do lots of things with it, and do them fairly easily. But, I have yet to make a sharp video with it. The final product is always blurry, regardles of the file type or video size. You just can't get there with Pinnacle, and I'll bet anything that it has to do with the codecs that they use.

    Does anybody have a suggestion on what to do? Can you recommend a product? Can you tell me where to find out what the file formats are and when to use them?

    I'm considering sending this back to Pinnacle and getting Sony's Vegas, but that's another low priced editor. It may have the same kind of problem.

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    Okay! I've found a solution, thanks to bugging Pinnacle support. In case anybody else has the same problem, here's what you need.

    Pinnacle has a utiltiy called TRex. It converts videos to other formats. It is not free, but it comes with a 60 day trial. This cleaned up the blurry problem.

    The tech aksed me what generated my AVIs. I told him Fraps 2.9.2. He responded with the answer quite quickly. TRex is what you need. It probably works for other captures, but I still don't know enough about file formats to give advice. I don't have the link to it, but if you contact their chat support, they can give you a link to it.

    Anyways.... that did the trick. I've completed my first REAL video, and will post a link to it in the User Videos forum. I'm pretty proud of it. I worked very hard at it. I put lots of hours into it. I think I deserve an Academy Award, seeing how much time I spent on it.


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