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Thread: Transitions - Any advice warmly welcome :)

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    Unhappy Transitions - Any advice warmly welcome :)

    Hi, I am new to this forum and would like to say hello to everyone and thank anyone who might be able to reply to this thread with any advice for me.

    I have just started using Adobe Premier Pro to edit some footage of a person sat in front of a chroma green screen background. I am trying to clip together different takes of the person talking but the footage jumps about as the subject is in different positions in each clip and it looks rubbish! I have also tried cross-dissolving the clips together and as it is a whole DVD of clips it is really annoying!

    Does anyone know how I can smoothly edit my clips together? Many thanks in advance for your help!

    warm wishes, Act-Now!

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    Do you have After Effects? That would be the easiest way, just apply track motion. You might have to reshhot some of your footage, Try the AE method first though

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    Which part of the video jumps? Is it the talent sitting in front of the greenscreen, the footage behind or the whole lot? Did you shoot the scenes using a tripod, if not hand held camera shots are very noticable when doing compositing work in my experience.

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    You could shot a selection of cutaway shots and then add them into the edit like that and cut back to the greenscreen shot every so often!?

    ...just a suggestion
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    I was going to suggest cut-aways too.

    Or perhaps do a whiteout or something between shots to make a feature of the jumps

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    Default Thanks for suggestions...

    Thanks very much for your responses. I am going to try After Effects as suggested and then shoot some more footage if this is not successful.
    I really appreciate your helpful advice.

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