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    first of all, im new here so hello everyone, looking forward to being part of this usefull place.

    right, I've just been asked by my dads boss to make a little promotional video about his work. I have done one of these before for the local council on my college course but this is the first time doing it alone. so i kind of know what im doing...

    because i no longer have access to my college equipment i am having use my own. this is where the trouble comes.

    i have a sony handycam mini dv camera thing, im sure theyre all the same specs. It has an external microphone input but no headphone input. from my experience the person with the microphone should always have some headphones on right.... so i cant manage this.

    do i just go for it and hope its good with an external mic? or even worse use the built in mic? (maybe the ranges are better, i dont know). I could use a totally differnt device such as a mini disc recorder to record the audio and use headphones but then i have to struggle with syncing them up at the end, any advice on this method?

    so.. theres alot there but i hope you understand my problem and can give me some advice or opinions. anything is of help. Thanks in advance, Matt

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    I would definitly use the external mic, I'm sure it would be fine depending on the quilty of the mic, is it mini or XLR inout?? You can do it seperate and sync it later, just use something for a clapper, any thing will work, 2 pieces of wood, then sync the wood clapping and the sound together.

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    Regarding the sound, do you know where you will be shooting your movie? Will it be in the one location or will you be moving from one place to another? Have you done a recce of the location(s) and listened to the sounds to see if they are low or will they dominate the sound track when you come to shoot. Is there anything you can do to lessen the background noise? Like move people to another room or switch machinery off for the duration of your shoot. If you are outside, noises from wind, traffic, planes flying overhead, ambulance/police sirens can ruin the soundtrack so go for a directional mic with a wind sock or 'muffler'.

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