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Thread: HHD camcorders using DV-codec?

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    Default HDD camcorders using DV-codec?


    Having experienced the pain that is editing mpeg 2 encoded videos, I'm starting to realize that tapeless camcorders may not yet be way to go. Though, I still don't get why today's HDD camcorders has to use mpeg instead of, say, the established DV-codec. A consumer HDD can store around 30GB of data, so the disk space shouldn't be the problem (a DV-tape is around 10GB, right?). Are there some legal issues at work here, or what? Or some technical problem I'm overlooking. Please help me understand...

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    Good question, never really looked into why that is happening. If you take the 3.6MB/sec data rate for Mini DV quality and let's say you use 59 mins of tape (it's better to leave a bit blank at the start and at the end) I get 12.74GB for a 60min tape. And that's well under half the 30GB for the camcorder you quote. It might have something to do with codecs and who has copyright ownership over them.

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    I thought it might have something to do with copyrights. But it still doesn't make much sense, since the same manufacturers that make the DV camcorders are also making the HDD equivalents - but using mpeg technology. How could there be a legal conflict, and why aren't there at least ONE company (the owners of this hypothetical copyright) making them?

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