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    OK, here is my problem (Iím very new to all this). I want to make a DVD about a recent trip. I made two projects, the first a very simple one using Windows Movie Maker; the second is more complicated and I edited it on Pinnacle Studio 9. I saved both projects as MPEG files, and want to use Nero Express to burn the DVD. I tried to add the projects but got a message saying no compatible file found.

    Should I save my projects in another file type rather than MPEG in order to burn them? (Also do I need a menu?)

    Could someone kindly tell me what to do? Please remember to tell me as if you were trying to explain nuclear physics to an amoeba!

    Many thanks


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    Are you trying to add the project files or the resulting MPEG2 DVD compliant files? My feeling is the former as Windows Movie Maker doesn't create MPEG2 (although I'm apparently an "out of date" resource ).

    Here's my suggestion. Output from Windows Movie Maker as a DV AVI. Then import this into Pinnacle and create your MPEG2 DVD compliant file from this project. Add the resultant MPEG2 file from this, together with the other MPEG2 file from the other project to Nero Express.

    I've got Nero Express on my PC, but I haven't yet used it much (and not to create a DVD), so I'm not 100% sure this will work. I'll sit down and work through Nero Express over the weekend
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    It must just be me that finds DV-AVI files saved from Movie Maker don't import into Pinnacle (Studio 6)

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