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Thread: Sony Vegas 7 and Avi Files

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    I have an avi file(got it from a digicam) The movie is clear. But Sony Vegas 7 doesn't import AVI Files... I still have to convert it to mpeg. The mpeg movie doesnt have a very good quality unlike avi..

    So is there a way that Sony Vegas 7 can import avi files?

    Thanks for answering..

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    Do you mean "capture" or "import"? I'm importing AVIs all day?

    The AVI is only the "wrapper" for the file. It is what is inside it that makes the difference. I could add an extension to a file such as Myfile.bum - but it would still be a MP4 or DivX or MPG - depending on what made it.

    Having the extension is great to tell s/w what NEXT to do - maybe! If I decided to use "*.bum", and in actual fact it was a WMV file, I would then have to instruct windows to use the extension to fire-up Windows Media Player. So, I don't! I keep to the convention.

    Get GSPot and get back to us and tell us what is inside this "AVI".

    Need to know more? Sorry .. .

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    ohhh okie thanks for replying!!
    Unfortunately, i deleted my avi file already lolz.. Where will I see the info about the avi? container? user data/meta data? video?


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    If you've deleted it then you won't see ANY ino about it! If you had it, then, do exactly as Grazie suggest - download and install GSpot and use that to examine the avi.

    I'm somewhat confused, you post a question asking how to get Vegas to "import" an AVI file. Two hours later, without waiting for an answer/suggestions, you've deleted it!

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    yup but i have a converted "loseless" avi file.. i just tried it with GSpot. hehehe.. I deleted my original avi file.

    I asked this question for future use... :p and im still waiting for my friend to give an avi file from his digicam..

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