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Thread: MacBook and Canon HV20

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    Since my last post earlier, I have researched the HV20 which appears a good machine. My aim is to use it with iMovie HD 06. Does anyone know if I can record to the Macbook in HD format and then burn to normal DVD. If the answer is yes, would the quality of the DVD better than from a camera recorded in standard def? Secondly does the HV20 offer TRUE widescreen?

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    I haven't used a Hi Def camcorder yet, but if you are talking about burning a 'normal' dvd using mpeg2, then there will be no difference in quality. I suppose it all depends on what software you get for your mac and whether or not it will allow you to capture in HD format.

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    Have a look on the Forum Canon HV20 User Forum - Powered by vBulletin, there is a section on Mac editing. I am a PC man!! but I understand there is no problem capturing in HDV.

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