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Thread: Shooting UV light with Sony HVR-Z1E

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    Default Shooting UV light with Sony HVR-Z1E


    I have to film a theatre performance, which will mostly be dancing with UV strip lights. Is this possible by lowering the shutter speed? It will be filmed in HDV. Please help, as I'm doing this on Thursday.

    Cheers for any help!

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    Not done this myself but i should think that all will be well if there is enough light. What you are seeing isnt really UV but light produced by floursecent materials giving off 'normal' light in the uv. If you can see it so can the camera.

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    Not sure about UV light but you may need to take manual white balance readings just in case your camcorder can't cope with it. Also, don't change the shutter speed, shooting under UV light doesn't require the shutter speed to be altered.

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