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    This is a really nooby question, but I'm buying a new camcorder, and I was just wondering, what does Mini DV save to? Do I have to buy any extras to increase space (like tapes etc.) or can I just drag-and-drop from camcorder to PC?

    Really appreciate any help,


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    Mini dv records to small tapes. You then ply the footage onto your pc through a firewire sonnection.

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    Hey Mark? How do you "ply" the footage? and as much as I look I can not find my "firewire Sonnection" (I kidd)

    Like Mark said, there just tapes and there pretty cheap. personnaly I use them once then put them away as a back up.

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    Oh ok. But I don't have a firewire port on the laptop I want to use (I don't think). Can I still get my footage onto it?

    Again, I appreciate you help.

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    you can use usb, it's not prefered, but it'll work

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    What spec is your laptop?

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    @ Nikosony

    What kinda specs do you need, 'cos I don't really know them off hand. Sorry.

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    There's a basic spec required for video as it needs more processing power than any other job. A laptop that can run microsoft office or photoshop may not be able to do video editing. Let's put it another way, how old is your laptop, how much memory does it have, what kind of processor does it have and how much free hard disk space do you have?

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    Oh well, I've edited before, but not with a video camera. I've used the video on a digital camera and edited it in Sony Vegas 8, and everything was pretty successful.

    But here's the spec i've got atm;

    I bought my laptop about a year ago, and I think it's about 1.5-2 years old.
    I currently have about 6.5GB of hard disk space left.
    I'll edit this when I have the rest of the specs

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    I found my exact laptop on Amazon.
    Here's the link Packard Bell Easynote R1005 Celeron M 370 40GB Silver PC: Electronics & Photo

    But i'll copy all the specs here for you:

    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Bluetooth: No
    • Brand of Graphic Chip: VIA
    • CD Writer: No
    • Chipset Brand: VIA
    • Chipset Type: PN800
    • Clock Speed in MHz: 1500
    • DVD Reader: No
    • DVD Writer: DVD Writer
    • Digital Entertainment Platform: No
    • GPU Model (Graphic Card): VIA UNICHROME PRO
    • Hard Disc Capacity in MB: 40
    • Hyper Threading: No
    • Intel Centrino Technology: No
    • Intel Processor: Celeron M
    • Media Centre Edition: No
    • Mousestick: No
    • Number of Cores: 1
    • Number of Processors: 1
    • Processor Brand: Intel
    • Processor Number: 370
    • RAM in MB: 512
    • Rack Server: No
    • Remote Control: No
    • Screen Size in Inch: 15.4
    • Screen Size in Inches: 15.4
    • TV / Radio Card: No
    • TV Output: No
    • Touchpad: Yes
    • Trackball: No
    • True Resolution: WXGA
    • Type: Portable
    • Type of Modem: Analogue
    • Video Editing Card: No
    • Wireless LAN: Yes

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