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Thread: Which Version Is Better And Why.

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    Default Which Version Is Better And Why.

    i am looking to buy a all in 1 editing programme and im leaning towards Pinnacle Studio rather than adobe premiere elements for reasons unknown,

    which version is better 10 or 11 or does it make very little difference as i have seen version 10 in my local shop for 50 would like some tips.

    also with this software does it have the facility to burn a disc included for do you have to save the video then use a separate burning software to put on cd..

    cheers neil

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    Don't buy studio 10, 11 is out now and is much more stable,i know i've got it and it's pretty good,really easy to use.Also with studio 11 plus you can natively edit hi-def and avhcd/blueray and burn that footage still hi-def onto a standard dvd,(only 35 mins worth) using your standard dvd burner,this can then be played in a hi-def player.Studio also imports and exports most formats.

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    I would stay away from pinnacle, go with Adobe or sony vegas studio, then when you decide to up grade you'll get a discount.

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    I agree with Wil, I used some of the earlier versions of Pinnacle and they were very problematic. One thing they did was, the appllication kept stopping and did continious read/write tests on the hard disk even when I was trying to capture footage. I couldn't find a way to stop this, so gave up using them. Unless the more up to date versions don't do this or there is some way of switching it off. Otherwise I would go for one of the Adobe Premiere products.

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