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Thread: Crazy trailer, feedback WANTED

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    Default Crazy trailer, feedback WANTED

    here's a trailer i put together for a school project, tell me what you think!

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    HaHa!! I loved it, reminds me of those crappy 80's direct to video movies. Are you actualy going to make the movie or is the trailer it? If you are I'd love to see it!

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    it was originally going to be a movie but we just turned it into a trailer cause shooting it would have been too time consuming and the result wouldnt be as intense. Still we wouldn't mind making the film, if the feedback ir good enough!

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    Best spoof movie trailer in ages - that must have been loads of work - loved the end 'fuck you' - on my you tube favs.

    Superbly produced - has the look for sure.

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    Wow! Fucking brilliant! The voice work was awesome - how did you accomplish that "movie trialer guy" sound? Music and sound effects were perfect, the timing was impeccable. I really, really enjoyed that. Keep up the fantastic work.

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    really excellent.

    Also, excelent sound and vid quality, How do you code for youtube? My attempts look badly interleaved and the audio is really poor...

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    dude, this was hilarious, sending the link to my friends
    thanks man

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    Absolutely love to see the whole thing if it got made.....hilarious!!!

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    zombies,ninjas and the fuckin army.....he he he, quality

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    Now thats some quality stuff. I have to agree with everybody on that was a good job
    We are ready to shock the world

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