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Thread: studio 9 and vista

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    Default studio 9 and vista

    is studio 9 compatible with vista
    iv just got a new pc but when trying to install studio 9 in keeps saying i have no administrator rights !!!
    is this vistas way of saying ( not compatible ?)

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    Have you tried logging on as an administrator? I just got Vista a few days ago myself and I'm just finding my way around it at the moment. I had to download dozens of updates, patches and hotfixes (whatever they are?) I really hope I don't have to go back to XP... oh happy days.

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    As far as i know studio 9 isn't compatible with vista,studio 9 came out a few years ago ,long before vista,studio 10 came out after that,then patches came out,10.5,10.6,10.7 and then finally 10.8 which made studio vista compatible,however none of these is very stable,i know,i had them,i've now got 11 plus installed ( and patches) and it's much more stable and it burns hi-def to a standard disc....

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    When I found out about Pinnacle v11, they were really beefing up the fact that it's Vista compatable, on the website, on the packaging...
    I would recommend you look for updates from Pinnacle's v9 update page HERE.
    If that doesn't help, you need to find some way to get XP running it. If not, I only know v11 to work on Vista.

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    I should've said,i've got studio 11 plus on vista and it's very stable,not one crash or hang yet.
    And it renders faster than 10.5.
    I got my studio 11 plus brand new on ebay,about 60 quid,delivered in 2 days,if i was you,for the money i would just uninstall studio 9 and buy 11.

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