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    I'm in the process of buying a new video camera. My old one got nicked and it was mini dv. The quality was very good, but editing was a pain with the software. What i want to know is whether i should go for mini dv or hdd and to get some editing software with it, such as adobe elements, i dont want to spend over 75 on the software or over 300 on the camera, i will be using ebay, for the camera.

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    I would stay away from hard drive and dvd camcoreders unless you don't want to edit, Since you plan to edit I would stick with mini dv, HD and DVD cams compress the video making editing hard.

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    Stick with Mini DV as the other formats are really only for point, shoot and playback. Mini DV still has the best picture quality for standard definiton video and the file format is much easier to edit. You should be able to pick up APE or similar for that amount or less.

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    Ditto from me - mini dv every time.

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