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Thread: Programme Freezes! Need Help Fast!!!

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    Default Programme Freezes! Need Help Fast!!!

    hi all,
    i have a Sony DCR-SR90E HDD Camcorder. i have recently transfered all movie file ova to my computer via USB (dont have firewire port). and i use a programme called power producer to make DVD. however when i go to add the camcorders movie files the programme freezes and have to end task through task manager.

    i have notices, if the camcorder movie clip is very short or pretty long power producer crashes. but then when i add a .avi or any other movie file power producer has no problems and adds it ready to burn.

    in addition to this the movie file dont work in winamp only windows media player whereas other movie file work fine on winamp with no problem.

    any ideas on wat the problem is and how to resolve??


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    There may be a few reasons why your program freezes, I'm surprised it freezes when the clips are both short and long but it may be to do with power producer not having the correct video or audio codec or both. Your Sony is outputting one kind of file format and the editing software doesn't recognise it. If you can find the name of the video file format or better still the file extension like .avi or .mov then put it in your next post. More than likely it is an obscure format as you are using a HDD camcorder. This may also explain why it doesn't work in winamp. Go onto Sony's website and see if you can download the codec for the video or if there is nothing there (more than likely) try a search on Google. Also what is the spec of your computer and when did you last defragment your hard disk? If you haven't done it in a while then do it now and turn off anti virus software and screensavers.

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    i av looked at the properties of the files to get:

    file name: M2U00108
    Type: Windows Media File
    Extension: .MPG
    Length (m:ss): 5086:17
    Size: 2086177 KB
    Uncompressed: 9536809 KB

    Bitrate (Kbps): 56
    Frequency: 800
    Channels: 2 (stereo)
    Level: MPEG 2.5 Layer III
    Encoded by: Lame (guess)

    that like the main properties for most file, some file are encoded by: FHD (guess) or Blade (guess) but most are Lame (guess)

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    come on guys! any other idea on how to resolve??

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