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Thread: Help with a Sony handycam and a weird capture card

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    Default Help with a Sony handycam and a weird capture card

    Hi, I have a Intel Core Duo running WinXP SP2 and what -I guess- is a capture card that I have just installed in it. The card is one of those things that you install in the back of the computer, containing a firewire in and out port and nothing else. Inside the computer, I've connected what I thought was the in port (the larger one) to one of the USB data connectors on the motherboard.

    Now, I've got a Sony DCR-TRV110E that I've connected to the other end of the firewire cable. When I switch the camera on in review mode Windows starts beeping that it has discovered new software, but then fails to discover it. It does so constantly about once every 3 seconds. If I try to start the computer with the camera already started and plugged in, the comp won't start.

    What's the solution? I've also got an S-video port on both the graphics card and the camera, would that work instead?

    Many thanks for the help!


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    I wouldn't go connecting anything to the motherboard unless I was 100% sure of what I was doing. If I follow what you are saying correctly, you inserted the capture card into a free PCI slot? If you did, then where did the internal USB connection come from? Once a Firewire capture card goes into a PCI slot, there is nothing else to connect to. You just connect the camcorder to the socket on the outside of the card using a Firewire cable and that's it. That constant beeping sound is telling you something is wrong.

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