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Thread: Copying Mini-dv to Mini-dv

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    Lightbulb Copying Mini-dv to Mini-dv

    Camcorder: Sony DSR PD170
    Storage: Mini-DV tapes recorded SP/DVCAM

    Just a quick question!

    I'm backing up my Mini DV tapes at the moment and wish to know if anyone has indeed experienced any loss in quality from copying from one Sony camera to another by firewire.

    I hear that it destroys the tape heads more quickly and there is a slight loss.
    What have others found? I'm in the short end of China and finding a playback deck is hard.


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    I wont wear the heads any more then filming. The only loss in quality may be a slight increase in drop outs - a few frames with speckels or broad bading. One to five is not uncommon per tape - this may increase after copying, but it may not occur and ahouldnt be a problem.

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    Thanks for the advice. Will there be any dropouts using a playdeck to transfer the tapes?

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