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    Thanks in advance for whoever is reading this to give me a hand.

    Ok, im using Sony Vegas and im trying to get an image to travel from one place to the other on a screen. I'm trying to make a movie for a game I play, and the one thing that is really confusing me is this... There is a creature called a dragon lord which ive edited my character onto with photoshop, that part ive figured out, the part thats stumping me is how i can get the dragonlord to move across the screen. This is a screenshot to help you better understand what im trying to do.

    dragonlord-cliff.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    You'll see at the bottom left theres the cliff, im placing my character on one of those dragon lords, and i want the animation for it to be the dragon lord flying off the cliff over the water. What I've done to do this thus far is take several screenshots of the dragonlords movements, as its a 2D game its not hard to capture them it only has 2 movements, its feet, tail, and head move all at once and only have 2 variations in each direction, so i took a total of 8 screenshots, 2 in each direction. As you can see the game is based off squares, for example one step left would be 1 square. The way i see it, if i just make it so the dragonlord pops from one square to the next, it isnt really "moving smoothly" from square to square it would just be appearing in each square. If anyone could explain to me how i could make it move smoothly from square to square so its actually walking instead of instantly popping in I'd really appreciate it, thanks.

    I explained it as best i could lol


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    Sounds like you've got a bit of learning to do here - but you'll enjoy it.

    What you need to do is to separate the background from your characters and put them on different tracks.
    Then use track motion to move the characters independently of the background.

    A simple example.
    Place your background image on track 2.
    Now edit your sprite in photoshop and remove ALL the background. You should place your sprite on a transparent background and save as a targa image with alpha (or some such other format that allows transparency)
    Mov place that image on your timeline on track 1 above the background. If all is well your background should show through.
    Extend the event to last as long as the background.
    Click on the track motion Icon on the track 2 header and...

    well, now you need to learn all about keyframes etc.

    Sorry that's no more than a rough overview, but gotta dash out! Search help for track motion and keyframes.

    Good luck.

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    thanks for the reply, i appreciate it bigtime, ill admit i didnt understand quite all of that but now i got a general direction to work with, thanks again!

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