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Thread: custom DVD menus...please help!

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    Default custom DVD menus...please help!

    I love movies but can't stand waiting in line, people talking in theaters, and the cost of a movie. This is why I've become a patient person and wait for the videos to come out on DVD.

    I also like to make home movies and movie shorts. But I hate the generic DVD menu that's created with software I'm forced to use. I've been using the InterVideo WinDVD Creator that came with my wife's HP computer when she bought it.

    Can anyone tell me how those really nice DVD menus are made? The most recent one I've seen that I like is for the TV series NCIS. It shows a short video clip repeating. The video outline is irregularly shaped. The outside of the video area has another photo mosaic along with the DVD menu, scenes, etc...

    Can these menus be created with Adobe Premiere or After Effects? Or are they made with some software specifically made for DVD menus? Does anyone know of Open Source software that can create these menus?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Actualy you would need all three, Premier pro (or another NLE) After Effects (or another compsiting Program) and a dvd authoring program like Encore dvd. You don't have to have After Effects but it makes life eaiser, but you cant burn a dvd without authoring software. I don't know of any open source SW, but chances are it would be to basic and not do what you want.

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    Second that, Chapman - Encore DVD can accomplish what you're looking for. I'm really picky about my DVD menus as well, and like Chapman said - life is going to be a lot easier if you use After Effects to make animations and such for the DVD, and even Photoshop can export layers as menu buttons and import directly into Encore DVD.

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    If you use or intend to use Adobe Encore for your DVD production then get a copy of and learn Photoshop. Encore menus are simply Photoshop PSD files. At least they are until you need to apply button routing, associate with timelines and need animations.

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    ..what I tend to do is make the necessary DVD Menu in Adobe Premiere Pro and then Export the finish menu pieces as AVI's and then Import them into Sony DVD Architect their you can make the immediate changes such as button overlays and navigation commands.

    It works like making a website, if you like, you add the button overlays over the top of the predesigned consistent layout. Adding and Subtracting media whenever and wherever you need it.

    You can apply the same theory to Adobe Encore too!
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