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Thread: TV's '24' with Jack Bower opening scenes

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    Default TV's '24' with Jack Bower opening scenes

    I was hoping someone could stear me in the right direction with the effect I'm trying to recreate. If you're familiar with the USA's TV (tele) show '24' then you've seen how the show always starts after or before a commercial. The scene shrinks to 1/4 the size and animates to a corner. Another 1/4 size video pops up in another corner, and so on. Four different video scenes are now showing. Also, a clock with the seconds counting is displayed in the middle of the screen and each time the clock changes the sound is some kind of boom.

    I was hoping to recreate this effect for about 10 seconds. Can anyone please help me with this? I've got access to both Adobe Premiere and After Effects but they are both a few versions old (I think they are from 2002).

    Also, does anyone know where to download sounds from popular TV shows. I would like to get the same phone ring from the show.

    My brother in-law just got married and I videoed everything. He is a '24' freak so I thought it would be cool to put his wedding DVD together with the 24 look and sound.


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    All you have to do is use the pan & crop tool, (or what ever your nle calls it, in vegas its pan & crop) put the first video on track 1, move it to the corner, second video on track 2 move it to a diffrent corner, untill you have all 4 tracks done. you don't need after effects to do it.

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    You need four pieces of video, each on a seperate video track and then some kind of digital clock overlay on the fifth track possibly with a blend mode. Each video clip has to be SCALED down to 1/4 of the screen size and then using keyframes, it is animated to move from a start location to an end location. You will have to do this with all four clips. I haven't seen 24 in a long time, so does the clock appear at the start, middle or end of the sequence? Where ever it starts, you will need to place it on the timeline, so it appears at the correct moment as the sequence plays out.

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    Default Hoolywood effects

    I bought a book from Amazon called Hollywood effects for Premier Elements. It shows you step by step how to do the 24 style intro. It also includes a CD with the correct sound clips too.

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