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Thread: My Stock Resources (Footage, Pics, Sounds, Etc)

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    Default My Stock Resources (Footage, Pics, Sounds, Etc)

    Please reply with any good resources you know of - and enjoy these!
    (I'm not associated with any of these sites)

    stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site - Free Stock images. Highly recommended.

    Incompetech - free, royalty free music.

    Ghost Notes - Music, member of this forum. Top notch stuff.

    Royalty Free Music, Free Sound Effects, Free Music Loops - Public domain sound effects.

    Stock Footage & Video Backgrounds from A Luna Blue - A Luna Blue Footage: Sign up for the newsletter, get a free download each month.

    Detonation Films - Footage: Free explosions, muzzle flare, etc.

    Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive - Internet Archive Footage: Awesome resource. Many, many public domain videos, many at larger resolutions. Try a search for "Stock" to access hundreds of royalty free clips. Bookmark it now, seriously.

    Free Royalty Free Stock Footage Clips - Footage Firm Stock Footage: Offers multiple free high quality clips. If you haven't already downloaded these, I highly recommend adding them to your library.

    Artbeats - Royalty Free Stock Footage For the Video Professional - Artbeats Footage: Register for the newsletter, get a free clip. Order their free demo reel while you're there - it's really enjoyable and includes tutorials.

    EDIT: titles and clarity.
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    Bump - anyone getting use out of these? And does anyone have resources to add?

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