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Thread: File size too big. 1 minute = 100M!

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    Default File size too big. 1 minute = 100M!

    Yesterday bought the JVC Everio GZ -MG155.
    Software is Pinnacle 11

    Very pleased with it. But when I see the files I have created, and especially when I try to upload them to youtube, I have an issue:
    I have to keep the clips down to around 1 minute, since anything longer than this goes over 100M. Is this correct? Why cant i make record a 3 or 4 minute long clip without it being hundred of MG long?

    I tried to change the shooting mode to "economy" but still the size of the resulting file is too too big.
    Should I pay more attention to the software the cam was bundled with? Is this a "conversion" (the files are in MOD.) or maybe a "compression" thing??

    Any ideas? The only reason i bought the camera was to capture vids of my newly born daughter ( a week old yesterday) and send them to the internet for my parents to see back home.

    ANy ideas much appreciated thank you.
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    Default compress the output

    You are saving a hi quality version hence the huge size. Save you file as a .mov (quicktime video) and use Sorenson 3 set at about 85% quality. Your file size will go down considerably. You can also set the video size smaller but then you-tube will compress it and resize it and make it soft looking. Stick to 720x480 Sorenson 3 quicktime at 70-90% quality.

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    Also try dropping the audio quality from 16Bit stereo 44,100 or it might be 48,000 (I don't know what the default setting the JVC uses) to either 16Bit mono or even 8Bit mono. Listen to the quality and see what is acceptable. You don't need the highest quality audio for the net.

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