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    Question Dazzle Dvd Recorder

    Hi i was wanting to know if anyone could help me with the Dazzle dvd recorder, i was able to connect it up to my 2 camcorders (discs&tapes) and convert my home films etc, but when i try to connect it to my VCR player it has sound but no picture,it states in the booklet that you can capture footage through your VCR or camcorder, i'm using studio plus 10 trial, i've tried to contact Pinnacle but they said i needed to upgrade my software at 66.00, i would like some advice before i spend 66.00 incase it has nothing to do with the software and it's maybe me doing something wrong. My VCR has 2 scart sockets and 1 white and 1 red sockets for leads to go into, i read a review from a buyer on a website that you need a adapter to convert the scart to composite video i think that means a scart for output, do i also need a s-video lead? any help or advice would be very much appreciated, thank you in advance. If anyone has any advice please email me. Thank you again.

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    You may already have the answer to this, but the white and red leads are audio only. You need a scart converter to allow you to connect all the leads on your dazzle to the VCR - you can now get these with an s-video which should give better quality - haven't tried this yet but am going to fairly soon as I have a lot of VCR tapes and want to get rid of my VCR as it doesn't work with digital.

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    Yes quite right you need the scart lead with the SVideo and audio L R.
    try a Google SVP Communications if want to mail order, or PC World should come up trumps.

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