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    Angry HDV Capturing

    Hi all

    My name is Chris and I am from London.
    I have got a problem.I just came back from holiday and brought a MiniDV tape with HDV video on it (15min).I really want to use this footage now (edit it) .
    I completly ignored the fact that in order to transfer this video to my PC I am going to need HDV camera.I thought that as this is MiniDv tape I will be able to transfer everything through my Sony VX 2000.I know I am crazy - I just didn't think about that.

    I don't know anyone with HDV camera. I called some companys here in London - they can do it but they charge a lot of money for that
    Does someone of you has got HDV camera and spare time to help me (I will obviously pay for it)??

    Or maybe some ideas what is the best way to transfer everything into my PC?

    I would be very very grateful if you can help

    Thanks in advance

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    capturing the tape is easy enough. An hour's tape will typically take about an hour and a half, including setup time.

    What format are you interested in? And more importantly how would it be transferred to you? When I capture my HDV tapes, a single tape is likely going to required something of the order of 50Gb (yes Gb) of disk space. not easy to copy to disk to send you.

    Also, As the job is likely to take a few hours in total, what hourly rate are you thinking of offering?

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    Hi Alan

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    As I mentioned this is about 20 min long underwater video .I haven't got much experience of working with HDV fromats. After tranfering to the PC I would like to be able to edit it In Premier Pro 2.0.I would like to keep good quality (that's why we were recording in HDV )
    There are few ways we could do this (if you live in London):
    1. We could meet somewhere ( in a pub for example - drinks on me- I will bring a laptop and external hardrive,you will bring tha camera and the job should be done within 1 hour.
    2.I will come to your place with my laptop
    3.You will come to my place .

    Thank you once again for your response


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