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Thread: buying a camcorder (need help)

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    Default buying a camcorder (need help)

    i want some help in buying a camcorder. i want to put the recording onto for my website.

    i dont want the"burn directly to cd" models. i want low budget that offer 3cc mini dv with external mic. I not want to purchase one with a built in hard drive. i want one with an external mic like a lavalier or shotgun will deliver better sounding audio than the built in mic.

    these are my requirements.

    1. Buy one that is mini dv (digital video tape)
    2. Buy one that has external mic jack.
    3. Must have firewire port
    4. Must not be one of those stupid burn direct to dvd models.

    thank you i need your help

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    I have a Canon MD101 - it has all you ask for except the 3ccd sensor. I am only a beginner though, so I'm not sure if I'd know what to look for in the image quality differences just yet. From a subjective point of view, I was surprised that the picture was so good compared to my limited experiences with camcorders.

    It performs adequately for what I use it for.

    It was about 140 or so.

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    Why do you need a 3ccd camcorder if you only want to put videos on the net? And using a Mini DV camcorder will leave you with massive files that you will need to compress down to a few megabytes. How much are you looking to spend?

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