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    i want to buy a camcorder in the amercia. i am wondering if it works here in the uk.
    pv-gs500 also i want to plug it to the computer in the uk as i want to up load it to my website. its so much cheaper and it tempting

    thank you

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    The UK uses the PAL standard and the US uses NTSC, It would work but you would have to covert everything you do.

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    do you think it is too much effort or do you think it takes the same amount of time. how about the camcorder and the computer

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    It would take a bit longer because you have to convert, plus to charge the battery you would need a coverter for that as well, The computer should not be an issue, the only real diffrence between the us and uk is the power adapter. As long as the computer is new enough and has a firewire, and the cam you get has a firewire you'll be fine. What camara/pc are you looking at, also what software are you looking at?

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    i have a dell computer already. its window xp. the computer is quite old though. know nothing about computer and camcorder. doesnt most pc have firewire? what is firewire?

    i am looking into pv gs500 amercian or nv gs 500 uk. not sure if it would be good.

    software not decided yet. i might get programmer to do it.

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    And there is also the warranty, as far as I'm aware a US warranty isn't covered in the EU in case the camcorder develops a fault. In other words you will have to pay the bill yourself and that could run into hundreds of pounds for certain repairs. You'd need to find out a bit more about the spec of that computer of yours if it is indeed a few years old.

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