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Thread: Capture Card query/ Old Camcorder to PC

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    Default Capture Card query/ Old Camcorder to PC

    Hello all, I'm stuck and am after some help!

    I recorded my last holiday with a friends old video camera, and am now buying myself a digital camcorder (panasonic NVGS120, 3CCD). I would love to get that 1 bit of video on to my PC to edit, but their 'coder is too old (no firewire etc) and my new camcorder doesn't have the necessary analogue input.

    Since it is just 1 movie I dont want to spend 50+ on a capture card. I found the Mercury PC-TV card on It says it is "a capture card with S-Video and RCA conector" as well as a TV Tuner, at 20 ($35). Will this do I want, or is it something else entirely?!

    Thanks so much for your help - I'm totally confused!

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    For read eh? lol Took me an extra couple of minuutes to find the site

    Doesn't say much about them cards does it?

    However, if you find no luck and you really only have a single tape to transfer then rather than even the lowly price of 20 (for a one-off), I'll gladly capture it for you and return you a disk (or two) with the transfer on it if you want to send the tape - and enclose an SAE for returns, of course.

    Just let me know via email if you do.

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    You smooth taljer you Millsy.

    Millsy for gentleman of the year!

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    Default Thanks...

    Its a very generous offer and I might just take you up on it. Yes, it is just the 1 tape, and probably just 20 minutes odd of footage. Everything I shot if fine, of course, but my boyfriend got hold of the camera and shot a load of, well, crap!

    I shall save it as a large resort as I am going to check a few other options first - see if I can find any mates around here with the stuff I need! But don't be suprised if i email you in a few days!

    And yes, planetmicro, sorry! Brains gone into hibernation in the horrible weather today!


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    Sir Walter Raleigh, eat your heart out!

    Speaking of Raleigh (spurious link - ed!) anyone else noticed the ressurection of the old Raliegh Chopper bike?

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    Anyway, this new rig of mine has got to earn it's money somehow.

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