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    Question Bizzare import problem

    This is causing me to pull my hair out, so any help would be great.
    I am filming on a JVC GY201E - 720/30p, playback on camera looks fine.
    Upon capturing into Final Cut Pro (5.0.1) using standard HDV codec (which usually works fine) a great deal of the footage is not being transfered. This is mostly stuff recorded just after starting to record.
    During capture, where you usually see "capturing+timecode" below the preview, there is occasionally a message saying "searching for media". These are the parts of the footage which are later missing from the bin.

    Here are the things i have already tried:
    Using a different tape
    Filming in 720/60p
    importing using other codecs
    reseting the timecode

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    I take it that is a shoulder mounted camcorder? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I had a similar problem with a JVC a few years ago again using FCP. Now I can't remember if it was to do with the tape being taken out and being put back in again or if I had to set the capture to manual capture in FCP. I think FCP is more critical than say Adobe when it comes to timecodes and it throws up those error messages when it can't find it and therefore won't let you transfer all your material to the hard disc.

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