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    thank you in advance for anyone who takes the time to help me with this in advance!

    Alright... brace yourselves i think this one might be the question that stumps ya (for those that have helped me in the past lol)

    alright, i play a game called Tibia, and theres this competition for who can make the best movie... so iv ebeen piecing together footage and screenshots to make a story... but there is one serious problem ive been having.... in a past competition the winner did some editing that im not sure if is possible with sony vegas..if its not id appreciate if anyone could tell me what it is possible with, but here it is...

    tibia is an oldschool 2d mmorpg, and the sprites dont have a lot of visual actions... for example if you pick up a lute and play it, green notes will fly over your characters head but htere will be no visual interaction with the lute... but what this guy did in his movie was he edited it somehow so that the lute was on the characters lap and he had placed hands on the character that moved up and down while playing a media file in the background.. so really i have no idea how to edit like that, so i can actually place a visual object into the screenshot or video so that it looks like its there naturally and not just copy and pasted over in paint... i know this may be an extremely hard question but to the person who can answer this, i will call you god. lol thanks for everything!!!!

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    by the way, if you need a reference to understand better what im trying to say, here is the game im working with, and the movie i referred to

    Movie: TMC2: For Revenge - Tibiacity

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    Are you talking about the sort of effect about 30 secs into the clip? If so, it just looks like cut & paste in paint to me! Or am I missing something?

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