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Thread: Rendering Stalls/Halts at 73%

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    Default Rendering Stalls/Halts at 73%

    I have an odd situation that someone might be able to trouble shoot. I have a project about 1 hour in length that combines JPEG pictures and avi video. When I go to render the video (NTSC-DV) it stalls every single time at 73%. The rendering process begins and proceeds normally, transitioning image to image, but when it gets to 73% the image in the "preview pane" remains and the transition to the next image stops, yet the "count down" of estimated time remaining continues. I get no error, no pop up, but I am unable to cancel and usually have to ctl-alt-del to end task.

    Out of frustration and desperation, I rendered the video in sections (about 10 mins of video per) and the video rendered beautifully each segment. It is only when a) I try to render the entire project, or b) when I try to render greater than 10 minutes.

    I've let the project go well past the countdown end, and nothing. It does create a the video, however, only up to the point that it stalls.

    I'm running a 4600+ AMD Athlon 64 with 2084MB ram with Vista.

    Any Suggestions?
    Brendon J.

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    Have you the entire project selected for rendering in the timeline or when you use the rendering/export menu? When was the last time you defragmented your hard disk? A similar problem happened to me a few years ago but that was using Pinnacle Studio on a lower spec computer, Pinnacle kept doing read/write tests on the hard disk and I couldn't figure out how to stop it. So I upgraded and changed to another NLE and thankfully the problems went away. What did you use to capture the original video with, was it USB or Firewire just out of curiosity?

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    The HD is fragged and I'm rending the videos the way I've pretty much always have done it, but this time round, for some reason just does not wish to proceed. My videos were actually captured using my Canon Powershot S3 digital camera. The camera takes incredible quality video, albeit I can usually only get 15 minutes or so. But the video is in MJPEG and I convert it over using Windows Movie Maker to AVI. I"ve done quite a few videos this way (the zoo etc.) and the videos turn out great. It just doesn't like this project for some reason (a comp of video and pictures for my parent's 50th).

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