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    Default animation help..

    Hey, I'm new here....

    Anyway, I couldent find a forum that this would fit under, so I just went out on a limb to post in this section...

    I am in need of any software that can create title animation. I am looking for the MADtv sequence effects.

    All I have found now that is close enough to what I want is Macromedia Flash... But to get the effects that MADtv uses takes ages and ages.

    Surely there is another program out there that would help me out with this situation?

    Thank you so much.

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    I don't watch MADTv, so I checked out their website
    to see what they're doing. Didn't help much. Seems they do an incredible variety of things.

    It's possible to do most of them in Moho (( but probably not fast or in a single step. Some effects would require using another graphics editor too. Moho isn't really set up to do quick video stuff.

    Maybe someone else knows a better program.
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    thanks for your reply..

    I do have an example on my computer, but its a fair-sized file.

    If anybody was interested, I could email it to you to show you what I'm talking about.

    Thanks once again.

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