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    Hey, thanks for anyone whos taking the time to give me a hand here, im just wondering what event fx option (or any option i dont know about) can give me a good transition between 2 screenshots... the best i can do when going from 1 screenshot to the next is changing the opacity so that the screen darkens from beginning to end or vice versa... what i want it to do is as the first screenshot comes to an end i want it to sort of become transparent and fade out while the second screenshot becomes transparent and fades into place so that it doesnt look like its switching between screenshots but so that it just feels like its smoothly showing the next section, i just can seem to find a function like that if there even is one, thanks again!

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    What you are going to do next will totally freak you out.

    Remove any innocent, cuddly small furry animals from the room . .

    Sit comfortably in your chair. . . and .. . just GRAB one of the Timeline Events and PUSH it over the previous one ...

    I can hear the screaming in London!

    You have just created your very first CROSSFADE! that's it . .DONE!

    Now, you can REALLY get cooking . . where you have your CROSSFADE, you can now drag all mixtures of transitions and so on.

    If I think I THINK what you have been doing, is to treat each Event as an immovable . .er . .stuck Event. No, you can and are invited to push one into the other. I think that is where you are labouring with the lowering of the opacity. If this IS the case then STOP it!!! Immediately!

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    You beat me to it Grazie.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    damn, thanks that helps bigtime lol i knew it was something simple that i'd miss, thanks again guys, saved me a lot of time!

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    It's nothing that you missed.

    It's that Vegas has a completely different approach to managing media compared to other rigid NLEs. It is very loosy goosy in its approach and is truly very forgiving. Often people are amazed when I do demonstrations of the software as to how easy it really is.

    Now try experimenting with the Trimmer. Now THAT you are gonna find an eye-opener.

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    hmm what exactly is the trimmer? lol

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