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Thread: Sony DCR-DVD92E Disk Error

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    Default Sony DCR-DVD92E Disk Error

    Hi all,
    My Sony DCR DVD92E camcorder has recently started giving error 13:02 when I put any disk in to it saying that it is an unrecognisable format. It doesnt matter whether its R, RW + or -.

    Please can someone perhaps advise me on where I could send the camera for a reasonable estimate for repair. It has never been dropped, in fact its only been used twice! It seems to recognise if a disk is inserted but then gives the error.

    It is out of warranty and Sony want a flat fee of 175 and a company down in Surrey (the only one I could find) have told me 50 plus postage just to look at it.

    I am just trying to find a place ideally located near Manchester who perhaps do a free estimate work to see if it is worth fixing rather than finishing up paying for someone to just tell me its knackered and I should just chalk it up to experience and get a new one.

    Maybe its just a setting thats gone daft or I need change something within the camera? If so please tell me

    Hoping you can help.

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    It's strange that your camcorder has only started to show that error now. If it worked alright in the past can you remember the brands of DVD disc that worked alright and try them again, to see if it shows the error. What does it say in the instruction manual or on Sony's website (after reading recent threads on the forum about Sony, it might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack). As far as I'm aware all companies now charge a fee just to look at equipment and basically tell you what you already know.

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