Hello all,

I have Sony Movie Studio Platinum 6

I use a Sony HDR-FX1

Capture question;

When capturing via firewire do the settings in my Project Properties box change capture or not?

I understand the FX1 PAL version is 1080-50i (interlaced) and so all capture will be interlaced? or not if I have project properties changed to blend fields? In which case am I capturing footage deinterlaced!?!

The thing is I have not seen any lines or teeth edges on my renders, they look soft and actually am quite pleased with my work.

I am confused if this is to do with me changing the interlaced to deinterlaced when capturing or just due to my properties being set to Blend Fields and this has affected render.

I have just captured 12 more projects and not sure if they are in the original interlaced format or if I have captured them deinterlaced?!?!? doh!

My work is destined for web use, not DVD/TV viewing, so understand deinterlaced is better for this, correct?

Appreciate any help, my head hurts!