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Thread: Purple splodge appearing in bright light on my vx2000

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    Question Purple splodge appearing in bright light on my vx2000

    Hi there, My sony dcrVX2000 has a strange purple splodge that appers in bright light (looking at the sky) or when I point it to a bright white background(like a rendered building) it's a small splodge at the top of the screen. Does anyone know what the problem may be and how/where I can take it to be repaired?

    edit:also is there anyway to edit out the splodge using some software??

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    Does it only appear when you point it at bright objects?

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    Sometimes, although pointing it at a light indoors does not seem to produce the splodge. I can actually get rid of the splodge by turning the manual ND filter to 2 but this makes the whole video very dark.

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