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Thread: Rendering, encoding PC games movies

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    Default Rendering, encoding PC games movies

    Hey fellas.

    Im all new to video editing, but have startet to edit PC game movies (World Of Warcraft)

    All my raw material is captured in 1280X1024X32 30fps (i have changed this to 25fps)

    At the moment i have made a nice movie which is about 20gb in raw material. Its 13 minutes long on the clipboard, and is ready to be rendered.

    I have finaly, more or less, found the correct settings for my projects, since they are a bit different than real life movies, made for TVs.


    My biggest problem is the rendering. I got 20gb of raw material, i started rendering it, and went shopping, when i got back, it had filled up my empty 120gb rendering HD with 10mins of rendering? How is that?

    My render settings are: Uncompressed, 1280x1024x32, 25fps, progressive scan, pixel aspect ratio is 1 (square), best quality, motion blur = gaussian, Deinterlace = Blend Fields, and sound uncompressed PCM.

    I have made a few FXs in the start of my movie, but nothing much really, mostly just put in music.

    How come its filling up 6x the raw material? Can i cut this down?


    Well, if there aint nothing to do about the size of the rendered movie, ill free up som HD space, and thats it, but what is the best way to encode it? I cant encode it with DivX in Sony Vegas, its failing right when i start the rendering.

    Can anyone suggest a good encoder? Would be great if its user friendly. Or could anyone help me setting up Vegas, so i can use the build in encoder? It have to be able to encode in 1280x1024 and would be nice if i can see the size of the rendered file, since its have to be put on the net for download. Its need to be encoded to about 300+mb

    I know there are a lot of rendering q&as, but couldnt seem to find clear answers.

    Any tips on editing game movies is appreciated, and thanks for many good and usefull advices.


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    dont render in 1280x1024 - simple as that. Rendered files are huge. The bigger the screen size the bigger it will get. Ther is No way around this.

    The only time you would need resolutions that large would be for high def. but you say you want to put them online. I'd encode them down to 640x480. With some tweaking of your settings you will produce great quality.

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    And you don't want to be rendering uncompressed.

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    Thanks for answering.

    Ill consider rendering in lower resolution, its seems like the only way to do it.

    Im rendering uncompressed, since Vegas wont let me render with the DivX codec, its just failing right away. So, i have been rendering uncompressed, and encoded in virtualdub afterwards, with the same Divx codec, that fails in vegas (?)

    So, i have compressed the movie to 300mb.

    If anyone wanna see it, it can be seen here:;8687388;/fileinfo.html

    I showed it to the rest of my WoW players, but they didnt think much of it, they want some more FX plastered over it.

    I havent used a lot of FX, since they take ages to render, but rendering in 640*480 should solve that problem.

    If anyone wanna spend time DL it and watch it, all comments would be appreciated.

    Anyone got a solution on the DivX rendering problem? If u need screenshots, pls say what u need for info.


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    dude - post the video somewhere where it streams - i for one (and most people on the forums)am just lazy and cant be arsed downloading from a site like filefront nevermind the spyware minefield that comes with sites like that.

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