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    I am using a Sony DCR-HC46 Handycam. I am slo running Pinnacle Studio 11. When I am trying to capture from the campcorder it saves the video but I get no sound. I can hear the sound as the camcorder runs. The audio track is blank after capture. I've tried rehooking the usb cables thinking it might be a connection problem. No help. Any suggestions on what I can do?

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    You really should be capturing using firewire instead of usb, usb can cause all kinds of problems. If you haven't got a firewire card they can be bought very cheaply for around 10 or so. That will probably cure your issue.

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    I didn't sem to have a problem with it the first dozen times I used it. It worked great. Then it just stopped working. I checked all my setting but I just can't figure it out. I don't know if the docking station for my camcorder has a firewire outlet. I'll have to check it later when I get home from work.

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    Has anything changed? have you updated any drivers? or installed any new programs or hardware? They could be causing a conflict.

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    I think the problem is in Pinnacles somewhere. If I use Windows Movie Maker I have recorded sound.

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