I'm due to go on holiday soon to New York, I'm getting a tad fed up of taking a 'still' camera and the camcorder. I have a Minolta G600, A Minolta 7D and also the Sony DCR PC5. I am giving it some serious thought of taking just one unit in the form of the Panasonic HDC SD5 or the Sony HDR CX6EK. I'm happy with the 'still' pixel quality of 6meg, I have read that the Sony unit delivers this quality in a 'camera shot' function, but no where can I find the still image resolution of the Panasonic unit. The few reviews that are out there state that the Panasonic gives a far better video picture quality, wiping the board with the Sony, but surely if they are both recording in HD, then that is the standard met by both units. I'm interested in the camera 'still shot' function so I buy a unit that can be used as a 'jack of all trades'.
I have no intention of buying either unit when abroad. I'll buy in the UK.
I've tried Panasonic customer help, but they are not answering the phone and their sales staff just read off what is there for all to see, that is, it is not shown!
Does anyone out there know the number of pixels used in the camera shot mode of the Panasonic unit? Please!
ANY advice greatfully received.