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Thread: My PC won't recognise JVC GZ-MG130 camcorder

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    Exclamation My PC won't recognise JVC GZ-MG130 camcorder

    I have just bought a JVC GZ-MG130G Hard drive camcorder. I installed the software that came with it and connected the camera via USB cable. It then asked for a USB driver and to insert the disk that came with it. No driver found.

    I have a laptop with XP.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    This will sound completely obvious but when you put the disc in first time, did the USB driver not install right away? What usually happens, I'll take a USB scanner as an example, you put the disc in first, then a window comes up with a button saying something like 'Install USB Driver', you click on it, it installs and when done you then click on some other buttons in the window to install image editing and perhaps OCR software. In otherwords the software has to be installed first and then you plug the piece of hardware in using the USB cable. You may even be asked to restart the computer, but that happens less now. If it shows the name of the driver and you are unable to get it off the disc then go onto the JVC's website and see if you can download it there, they may even have an updated version or try Google.

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I installed the software first, which were just editing suites etc. Then connected the camcorder via USB. My PC detected the hardware and asked me to insert the disk that came with it, it did not find a driver. When I connect my camcorder, it appears in device manager with an ! in a yellow triangle.
    Also, I have tried the JVC website to no avail and can find no advice or driver when I google it.

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    The only other thing I can think of and maybe you have tried this already, but when you are in the Device Manager, double click on the entry and when the small window comes up click on the Driver tab, on there click on the Update Driver Button. Try using Windows Update first and if that doesn't work then select No, not at this time and click on the Next button and be ready to insert your CD again. It may find the driver automatically but more than likely you will have to find the Driver folder (hopefully there is one on the CD) yourself using the Browse button. I'm very surprised you couldn't find any drivers on JVC's website or using Google.

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