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    Hello, I'm trying to find a camcorder to back up some of my MiniDV tapes onto my DVD Recorder (my old camcorder packed up last year).

    Please can anyone recommend a (non-HD) camcorder that has the following:

    1. DV out connection for input to DVD Recorder.
    2. Frame advance (back and forward) when in pause mode (remote would be nice).
    3. Ability to copy tapes without date/time appearing on DVD recording (need to see date/time on camcorder LCD/viewfinder though).
    4. Widescreen recording/playback.
    5. Stereo recording/playback.

    Would be grateful of any help to back up my treasured tapes!

    Kind regards,

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    The Canon MV-960 would do most of that. DV would be through a Firewire connector.
    You don't say what the make of your old camcorder is? I think there may be a problem downloading tapes from other camcorder makes. It may be simpler to do the job using your NLE and outputting to DVD.
    Another option may be Nero 8 for a direct burn from your Firewire input.

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