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Thread: Problem while showing videos...

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    Default Problem while showing videos...

    hi, i have a big problem about vegas 7.0 and i can't handle with it anymore.

    when i open my project in vegas 7, it shows red colour on some videos (sometimes just one vid) and quits or gives error "an error occured" and i can't continue working on my project.

    but yesterday, i put those videos without any problems. what's the problem?

    i have 2GB ram btw.
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    Quite frankly, this is hardly conclusive of anything - why not NOW give us a screen grab of a ZOOMED-in section OF the actual area under suspicion? Maybe with the Cursor ON the "red" area? Yes? Then we would actually see, within the Preview, what it is that SHOULD be there - yeah?



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    just tried it and got this message:

    for the pic in my first message, i couldn't zoom or do anything else. i took that screenshot suddenly, just before it quits.

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    Did you capture the Exception report?

    It would appear from the "mass" of VeloEnvels you have there that Vegas is trying to keep up with what you have.

    What is the mix of formats you have? Mov, tiffs, mpegs, or what? I'm guessing - you know more than us - yeah?


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    OK - Check overheads

    1/- HD Space; de-frag seen what your Task Manager performance looks like? CPU usage?

    2/- Where ARE you getting your media from? Same HD?

    3/- Have you got any "nested" files rendered-up?

    This does smell like a resource overhead issue.

    Come back with some more space and what space you have.



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    1) overall 80gb HD. 10GB free space. it looks like normal. cpu goes between 20 and 99. but while rendering a video, it stops at somewhere. countdown continues but percentage stops.
    2) the same HD. C
    3) if you mean something like a mix that was rendered before, my answer is no.

    btw, do you think reinstall would help?
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    You are driving everything from a 80gb HD. Your 10gb free is just over a little over 10% free.

    I get into trouble when I drop into these limits. That's when I've been very lax with my housekeeping and that's with ALL my media residing on "other" drives.

    Maybe it is time to experiment with an external drive, copying stuff over cleaning out your system drive and allow it to do the job of running your system - only!

    I wouldn't even attempt a reinstall until I'd done some housekeeping, getting another drive and providing some breathing space for all that fine maths that is needed to go on.



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    thanks a lot for the help.

    but nothiing works for me. i guess i have to make the mix again. this time in vegas 5

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