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Thread: Isolating audio from AVI file

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    Default Isolating audio from AVI file

    Hi folks,

    I'm very new to Pinnacle Studio 10 and video editing in general.

    I have an AVI file that I would like to use the audio from but not the video.

    Is there a way to extract the audio from the file and convert it to an audio file such as mp3 or wave?

    If Studio can't do this, is there a program that can?

    I'd really appreciate any help,



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    I don't use Pinnacle myself but I presume there is someway you can isolate the video from the audio. For example in Adobe Premiere you can right mouse click on the video track in the timeline and when the menu comes up you can 'unlink' the two tracks. This means you can either edit each one separately or in your case delete the video track and leave the audio track behind. If you can't unlink them using the above method then I'm sure there is a feature in one of the drop down menus to do it.

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    Hi Dolphin,

    I've got Pinnacle 11, and I've found a way to do just this. I believe it should be similar if not the same to the way to do this from Pinnacle 10, so try this.

    Import the AVI file into pinnacle. You can do this by going into the edit mode, and selecting your clip from the folders shown at the top of the page. Drag it onto the timeline, to play from the very beginning.

    Click the 'Make Movie' tab, and if you click on 'settings' in this new area, there should be a new pop-up screen. On the left is all about video. On the right is all about sound. Both sides have a check box where you can choose to include the audio and the video. These are automatically selected, but in a situation like this, uncheck the 'include video' box. I've included an image below, to show you how it should look.

    I only know it to allow you to change any settings if you ask it to be an AVI file, and then 'Custom' in the 'preset' dropdown box.

    Click OK, and then 'Create File...' When it asks you what you want to call the file, you'll notice that it's saving it as a WAV file. That's it. Save, and you've got a WAV file of the sound of your video.

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