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Thread: wow look at THIS site #2

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    Default wow look at THIS site #2

    After Gwenns thread, I decided to look for some sites.. This is what I found:

    VX2100 for 1699 inc VAT with free delivery:

    and, VX2100 from another site for 1,938.75 (inc VAT):

    So, too good to be true again?
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    i dont know how to translate pounds to dollas
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    wtf , these are some serious expensive camera's you know how much beer you can buy with that?
    I guess you'll prolly need those things for good quality, Now I got a dcr-trv 250E or something =), I like my camera but he isn't very good I think. earlier I watched the movie from camera on tv and I didn't thought it had such good quality. but I'm a student and don't think I can affort something that good
    If you wan't good qual to edit it on pc and for example burn it dvd and watch it on tv, what kinda cam do you need?

    is that the minimum?
    and are you all kinda in this area of work study?

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    We're all in it for the love of it...
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    for the love, and I thougt that a girl could be expensive

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    Which is why I can afford the hobby at the mo...

    ... I'm single!!!
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