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Thread: Looking to get into video editing..advice required.

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    Default Looking to get into video editing..advice required.


    I ve been looking at career paths, i just finished uni with a media degree where we touched on all kinds of work. I found video editing the most interesting type of work but im worried that if i attempt to go into this area the money might not be so great due to the sheer amount of competition in the field.

    Also if i wanted to get into this field, would it be better to start as a runner in a production company or something as I dont have a proper show reel or anything, just a couple of uni projects which were not that serious.

    Many thanks guys!

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    the industry is flooded with loads of people who wnt to work in the media. Start as a runner and keep an open mind.

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    If your cocerned about money then this might not be the career path you should conceder. Its not an easy job and the money is not that great unless your one of the big guys. You'll hear a lot of war stories about how so and so indie filmmaker used his savings and maxed out his credit cards to finance his film with out recooping cost. In the end he still owes that money. As an editor you'll find alot of indie jobs pay you on the back end, if the film makes no money you get no money. that will be something to bring up in the deal memo. If you want to get into the main stream film industry try getting a job as a PA, its a thankless job but at least its a foot in the door Also conceder working in a rental house its a good way to network and learn at the same time. Best of luck

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