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Thread: How to stop a frame for few second

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    Default How to stop a frame for few second

    hi all

    i need your help....

    i want stop my video on some frame and want to display some text and again want to start from same frame.......

    how can i do this using premiere pro cs3..?

    with regards...


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    Put your timeline indicator on the frame you want to freeze.

    Then export the frame as a picture (File > Export or something like that)

    Bring this into photoshop. You might need to de-interlace - there is a built in filter for that. Save the photo.

    Back in Premier import the picture into your media and drag it onto the timeline Make it the length of time you want.

    Add title over the frame.


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    thank you mark... is there any other easy way to do this...??? Premiere built in tool..?

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    Havn't got PP on this notebook but I think if you right click the clip in the timeline there is an option for frame hold

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    yeah, easy in all versio0ns of Premiere. The options may be different and I am doing this from memory but....

    Find the frame you want to freeze on in yoru timeline. Slice the frame out, i.e. use the razor tool either side of the frame. Your single frame is now a 'clip' of it;s own in the timeline. Select it and right click. You should have some options that look hopeful, like 'hold on frame or something.

    f you wish to slow the clip down to a freeze frame then that's also easy in CS3 as that version now hase time remapping. I don't have CS3 so you'll have to check your manual on how to use it.

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    thank you shiner and alan for your valuable reply.....

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    Yes, Alan's right - the new time remapping feature is the easiest way to do this in CS3. I know its in the 'Effect's' tab in the source window. There's a good tutorial of it on the Training DVD you will have got when you purchased CS3.

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    now i know how to do this.... thanks all for your help....

    and i have found one video tutorial of time remapping. i want to share with u


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