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    hey everyone... Im new to this but I can understand my problem and just need to be guided in the right direction. I have a Canon camcorder (model # ZR500) it's a good camcorder for what I use it for but Im not able to use it to capture video to my laptop. the camcorder has a 4 pin firewire port but my laptop does not. I have no slots on the side of my laptop to insert a card bus or I would have done that. the laptop is a compaq F560US. any help is appreciated. thank you


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    Where do you live? If it's in the UK, then go onto Jessops website and try and find a USB capture device, it's been a while since I was last on there so they may still do USB capture devices and then again maybe not. The company Pinnacle did a few devices not so long ago, you could go onto their site and see what's on offer.

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