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    Default Digital Terrestial TV

    I've now added a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t USB DVB reciever to my system. As the Mega 180 is so small (and heat build up an issue), I went for the external USB option. Im still annoyed at my choice of bare bone PC for the unit as it doesn't really fit with other AV equipment.

    Anyway, I've finally decided on Showshifter as the HTPC frontend, so expect a review soon...
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    Default Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t USB

    I have recentley bought the WinTV and am wondering if other stations as well as the free ones can be accessed.
    Is this option available from the manufacturer, because if I had bought a television set top box I would have had the ability to 'top up' to see them.
    You comments would be appreciated.

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    As I understand it, this is not possoble as the channels are encrypted and require a card for decpryption.
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    Yep, you'll not get any encrypted channels with a freeview card. I BELIEVE that you can rig up a CAM of sorts, and i think that twinhan do a card with a cam, but good luck finding it.

    I've bought myself a standard twinhan pci dvb-t card, and i'm running WinXP Media centre edition 2005, and it's fantastic. I use user switching a lot, so MCE is the only thing i found that (a) doesn't have a heart attack when you user-switch, and (b) doesn't require you to be logged on to record things you've asked it to.

    I'm still trying to convert from dvr-ms to anything else though, there are guides and apps out there, but it appears they're either for previous versions, or i'm cursed, so i'm slowly learning graphedit.

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